Monday, August 30, 2010

The Ultimate Reason for Genealogy

Who is genealogy for? For me? Sure, I love doing it for myself and for others. To discover the past, those persons who made me, those persons who contributed to my makeup ... it is a fantastic journey of "OMG I'm related to that person!?!".

But, ultimately, genealogy is for my kids. I mean that in the long run sense; in the short run their only response is to say "yeah, dad, whatever!". What I discover in my research is going to be passed along to them for their use. Maybe they will take it farther, maybe they will start a DNA bank and keep track of all markers. I don't know. Even if they don't take up the "genealogy" bug, they'll still have some information on where they came from.

My main job now, as a parent, is to put as many of my memories into archive now, so my children will have ready, available genealogical information on their father they can retrieve at a later date. How many of you have begun this task?


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