Friday, August 20, 2010

How far do you roots go? Anywhere famous?

Hi there!

Earlier this week I was working on my application into the Mayflower Society. I'm a candidate as my 10th Great Grandfather is Francis Cooke, who married Hester Mayhieu. I always tell my wife, who is a product of pure Canadian bloodlines, that this is MY country, and if she doesn't like it here, she can leave with the rest of the foreigners! Just kidding; just do what I say because I was here first.

Anyhow, I also stumbled upon another site, "The Order of Founders and Patriots", where you had to be directly related to a person who was in this country since 1637 AND had the same line in the Revolutionary War. I started doing some searches on my known ancestors, when I stumbled upon a page showing famous descendants of the Pilgrims.

Some of the people I am now related (through very long roots in the ground) are: Franklin D Roosevelt, the Bush Presidents, Richard Gere, Grandma Moses, and Dick Van Dyke.

Pretty neat, eh? I am now thinking that I should either become an actor, paint, or become president ... what do you think??


Ginger Smith said...

Wow that is a lot of connections! I can't wait to hear more about your work with the Mayflower descendancy. I like your blog. Very nice looking :-)

Susan Petersen said...

Hi Cousin! My roots also go back to Francis Cooke and Hester Mayhieu!

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