Monday, August 16, 2010

Where do your roots lead?

I find it interesting to discover my roots. How promising is a family that extends back to England? One side of my family history takes me to Plymouth, as I have not one, but two, relatives that came over on the Mayflower. It flows into Springfield, the City that I have called home for these past 42 years, where one of my ancestors was with Pynchon when they stopped within these boundaries; the same relative who signed the deed along with Pynchon to purchase this land. It continues with statues and books written about another enlightened ancestor of mine (hint: his last name was Chapin).

The other side leads to Scotland and Germany; hard-working tough foreigners who came to this land to allow their families to succeed and grow. They worked in a multitude of common labor positions, such as house painters, truck drivers, and foreman. The only expectation they had for working hard was to earn a honest buck.

I look back on all of these roots and ask myself, "where will my generations roots lead to"? What will my descendants think about what we do today and who we are?


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